Grower Jack Toevs

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Babcock Ridge, Washington

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Meet Jack Toevs, a Washington apple grower whose family farming roots can be traced all the way back to the 1600's in Holland. Over the centuries, the family migrated to Poland, Russia, and Kansas before Jack's parents moved to Ephrata, Washington.

Jack spent most of his childhood in Ephrata, Washington, where his father worked for the US Government on the Columbia Basin Project which developed farms and irrigation in Eastern Washington. Jack's older brother, Dick, bought a farm in 1956 and starting farming in nearby Quincy, but Jack initially had no plans to farm. Instead, he wanted to work for the US Foreign Service and travel the world.
He obtained a degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Idaho, and continued his education at Harvard Business School. Upon graduation he went to work for Weyerhauser in Tacoma, WA.

After a couple of years there, he decided large corporate and government jobs were not what he wanted and purchased some land which included a 10-acre apple orchard on Babcock Ridge, just west of Quincy. From there, he and his brother partnered up and gradually increased their plantings and farmed together for 29 years.

Today, Jack considers himself "semi-retired" but still handles the financial and paperwork side of the farm while John runs the daily operations. They grow 9 varieties of apples on 180 acres, all organic. They also own 40 acres of cherries, 50 acres of juice grapes and 100 acres of Timothy Hay.