Arctic® /GE Apples

• The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved Arctic® brand apples for commercial production in February of 2015. The developer – Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF) test marketed 20,000 pounds of sliced Arctic® Golden Delicious apples in 10-ounce packages in retail stores in the Midwest in February and March, 2017.

• The commercial launch of 10-ounce packages will occur in select supermarkets in the fall of 2017.

• USApple supports consumer choice in the apples and apple products they select.

– All other apples are non-GMO and will remain available for consumers to continue buying.

– Arctic® brand apples will be sold with the Arctic® label, allowing consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. Packages will contain a QR code linked to the OSF website that describes Arctic® brand apples as GMO – a product of biotechnology. This labeling is expected to comply with rules currently under development by USDA to implement the new GMO labeling law enacted last July. Photos of the package are pasted at the end of this document.

– Consumer demand will determine the future of GMO apples in the U.S. marketplace.

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• The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) declared in its review that Arctic® apples are just like any other apple except for their non-browning trait and offer the same nutrition benefits as non-GMO apples. Browning is a natural process that happens when an apple is exposed to oxygen.

• With Arctic apples, the genes found naturally in apples that cause browning have simply been suppressed, or “turned off.” Arctic® apples do not include genes from other species but use apple-to-apple biotechnology to silence—or “turn off”—the gene in apples that causes browning.

– Browning is a naturally occurring process resulting from an apple’s exposure to oxygen, but consumers could enjoy the option of purchasing a “non-browning” apple.

– Stores will continue to sell non-GMO apples that are naturally low browning. There are also simple methods to slow the browning process, such as lightly coating sliced apples with Vitamin C-fortified apple juice (most apple juice sold is Vitamin C-fortified).

• To continue discovering new and valuable benefits from apples, USApple supports advancements from technology including genetics and genomics research.

– Benefits can include attributes such as quality, new varieties, new aromatic flavor profiles, improved pest resistance, and enhanced nutrition.

•U.S. Apple Association (USApple) supports consumption of apples and apple products as part of a healthy lifestyle.

– All apples and apple products offer nutritional benefits proven to reduce or prevent diseases including Alzheimer’s; asthma; breast, colon, and liver cancer; heart disease; and Type II Diabetes. As part of a healthy lifestyle, apple consumption can also help with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, improved skin health, lung function, and cognitive abilities.
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